Why We Felt We Needed a Solutions Lab


Consultative selling describes a selling technique in which the salesperson acts as an expert consultant for his prospects. Pair this with Solution selling and now you have a sales person that is focusing on his customers’ pain and addressing the issue with his or her custom solutions.

The biggest advantage to culminating these two techniques is that it helps a company to build rapport quickly, while simultaneously presenting itself as an expert resource to prospects. And once that expert position has been attained, the prospects are likely to reach out whenever they have a question or need related to your specialty.

Combi would like to consider itself a solution expert. But to position ourselves as a leader in the custom segment of this industry, we have to offer a service that separates us from others. That’s why we built a solutions lab.

We built the lab primarily for our engineers to test, prototype, assemble, prove or disprove applications; to use as a showcase of our capabilities to our customers; and as an in-house training center for our service, assembly and engineering staffs. Without giving too much away, a few features of the lab include a pick and place test station, a vacuum/gripper configuration workbench for assembling test packing heads, a drop packer test station, a variety of conveyors for testing the conveying properties of different products (including inclines), a robotic test cell with the latest Fanuc six-axis, high performance industrial robot, and a vision test station equipped with various camera and lighting devices.

We hope our customers and distributors see the strength and vision of this value-added service. If the number of returning customers each year is any indication, we think we are doing something right. Request a quote and we will provide a customized solution for your packaging needs.