High Speed BCF SPP Bottle Case Packer

Combi now offers a high-speed end of line bottle case packing system for brewers who are experiencing growth. Our BCF SPP high speed automatic beer bottle packing system erects a six or four pack carrier, the RSC case, inserts four carriers into the case, case packs the bottles and case seals the top and bottom flaps with your choice of adhesive tape or hot melt glue.  This robust system maintains a throughput of up to 300 bottles per minute.

You Brew, We Pack

Here's how it works.  Six or four pack carriers are automatically formed while bottles simultaneously travel on a single lane product conveyor and enter a lane diverter/agitator.  The formed carriers are staged into a packing head.  Concurrently, cases are being formed and staged under the packing head where the formed carriers are inserted into the case.   As the bottles enter, the agitators will allow the lanes to fill evenly. Once the lanes fill, the servo pick and place gripper head automatically picks a case of bottles from the product conveyor and gently places them in the awaiting case.  The packed case is passed on to an optional TBS-100 case sealer. 

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