Compact SPP Beer Bottle Case Packer

Compact SPP Beer Bottle Case Packer

The Combi BrewPack SPP servo pick and place beer bottle case packer is a top load system featuring heavy duty linear servo motors capable of 25 picks per minute or case packing 100-120 bottles per minute.  Integrated with our E2500 case erector and BrewPack Carrier Former and Inserter, the BrewPack SPP case packer has a compact footprint for fitting into the tightest packaging lines.

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Six or four pack carriers are automatically formed while the RSC case is also formed.  The carriers are then automatically placed into the erected case.  Concurrently, bottles travel on a single lane product conveyor and enter the lane diverter/agitator section.  As the bottles enter, the agitators will allow the lanes to fill evenly. Once the lanes fill making the packing head photo eye full, the gripper head automatically picks a case of bottles from the product conveyor and gently places them in an awaiting case.  The product brake clamps the products in the lanes, preventing jams at the head while it is packing.  The packed case is passed on to an optional  TBS-100 case sealer. 

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