Case Sealers

Combi industrial case sealing machines provide consistently reliable packaging to meet production needs and keep products secure. We offer case sealing machines in both tape and hot-melt glue options. Both integrate with our Combi case packers. Our expertise in end-of-line packaging systems means Combi can find the right case sealing equipment to help increase efficiency within your budget. Reach out for a quote today.

Case Sealer TBS-100

If you would like more information on a case sealing equipment, request a quote or call us at 1.800.521.9072.


Case Sealers

TBS-100 | Case Speeds up to 40

TBS Series
The reliable TBS-100 case sealer is a heavy-duty solution for a wide range of case sealing applications. The welded tubular steel frame fits a wide range of applications and can be integr...
View TBS-100 | Case Speeds up to 40

TBS Series | Hot Melt Glue

TBS Series
If your cases need a stronger bond than adhesive tape can provide, Combi's TBS hot melt glue case sealers can provide the maximum seal integrity to ensure a secure case. Integrated Hotme...
View TBS Series | Hot Melt Glue

Semi-Auto & Automatic TBS Series | RTE

TBS Series
Consumers are taking an unprecedented interest in the way foods are produced and are increasingly calling for the government to take a more active role in consumer protection. While there...
View Semi-Auto & Automatic TBS Series | RTE

TBS-100 SA | Case Speeds up to 20

TBS Series
Need a stand alone case sealer machine to boost productivity in your packaging line?  Combi's TBS-100 SA case sealer is a solid performer for semi-automatic case sealing. Built with the ...
View TBS-100 SA | Case Speeds up to 20

TBS-100R | Case Speeds Up to 20

Random Case Sealing
Combi offers a reliable random case sealing solution for different size cases within a given range. Have several packaging lines and limited floor space for sealers? This machine will acc...
View TBS-100R | Case Speeds Up to 20

TBS-100RH | Case Speeds up to 12

Random Case Sealing
Seal Four Different Heights of Cases Randomly on Just one Combi Case Sealer The TBS-100RH Random Height case sealer machine is a solid performer and eliminates costly downtime associated...
View TBS-100RH | Case Speeds up to 12

L-Clip Case Sealer-TBS Series

TBS Series
Close low profile clamshell, pizza box, and die cut folder type boxes with our TBS L-Clip case sealer machine.  The fully automatic case sealers apply a 2", 3" or 6" strip of adhesive tap...
View L-Clip Case Sealer-TBS Series

TBS-100 SA H-Seal | Semi-Automatic CASE SEALER

TBS Series
When you require added security to your filled corrugated cases or need to seal out food contaminants, Combi offers a semi-automatic case sealer with an H seal that securely seals both th...
View TBS-100 SA H-Seal | Semi-Automatic CASE SEALER

3M-Matic™ Case Sealers

Random Case Sealing
3M-Matic™ Case Sealers are consistent and durable, require low maintenance and help your case sealing operations run reliably. Each model features 3M's advanced, patented, low-impact 3M™ ...
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What is a case sealing machine?

Case sealing equipment for end-of-line packaging offers a semi-automatic or automatic option for sealing cases of products for transit. Combi designs and engineers carton sealing equipment that helps you meet production needs efficiently, while ensuring secure packaging.

What are the types of case sealing machines?

Case sealing machines come in a variety of versions, and Combi can help you find the right one for your needs. We offer both tape sealing machines and hot-melt glue case sealing machines. There are semi-automatic and automatic case sealers. And, we also offer sanitary options for the food industry, as well as heavy-duty case sealing and standalone case sealers.


How can I get a quote for a case sealer?

Combi sales representatives can talk to you regarding your specific needs and give you a quote on a case sealer machine. Complete the request for quote form or contact us at 1.800.521.9072. We can review your budget and production levels and provide you with a quote for the case sealer that can help you increase efficiency, while securing packaging in your end-of-the-line packaging system.

Benefits of Industrial Sealing Machines

A Combi case sealer (sometimes referred to as a box sealer or box taping machine) provides packaging that holds up to the rigors of transit. Our equipment can handle overlapping or sequentially folded flaps or tuck-folded flaps.

Combi case sealers meet a variety of needs, including sanitary washdown unit options for the food industry. We also offer heavy-duty case sealers and standalone case sealers.

Combi Semi-Automatic Case Sealers and Automatic Case Sealers

Combi engineers end-of-line packaging equipment to serve many industries. Our engineers also design and engineer custom tape sealers and custom hot-melt glue sealers.

To find the right industrial sealing machine or case sealing equipment, review the products below.

In Stock Surplus Case Sealers

Combi has a surplus stock of new and used case sealers, in both tape and hot melt glue options. We offer equipment that features top-sealing, bottom-sealing or both. These case sealers can handle both small and large cases, as well as uniform or random sizes, with ease.

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