Combi makes packaging solutions for both fresh and frozen baked goods in clamshell containers, chipboard cartons and flow-wrapped pieces and bags.

Our automatic and semi-automatic case loaders and case packers specialize in handling delicate products requiring special orientation or precise placement. Our modular packing heads make it possible to pack multiple products on the same machine.

Some of the biggest names in the baking industry use Combi machines, including Hostess, Dunkin' Donuts, Keebler, Pepperidge Farms, Snyder’s-Lance and Sara Lee. View our full list of baking industry customers here and our full list of snack food industry customers here.

Our designs offer:

  • Customization specific to your food products
  • Gentle product collation and accumulation, including upstacking or downstacking
  • Optional methods for handling flexible packaging
  • Stainless steel frames with NEMA 4-compliant components for thorough washdowns
  • Quick changeovers with modular packing heads

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