Product Packaging Solutions for E-Commerce

E-commerce presents new challenges that require customized solutions. Combi Packaging Systems can accommodate smaller pack counts, single wraps and small batches.

Automated end-of-line packaging systems can increase both productivity and accuracy of packaging. With a product packaging machine, you can package products better, in right-sized packages, and save on freight and packaging costs.

Product Packaging Machines

Here are just a few of the packaging systems Combi offers:

  • Ergopack® is a hand packing station that is simple to operate and doesn’t require highly skilled labor. It offers fast changeovers for shorter production runs.
  • RCE Robotic Random Case Erector has a flexible arm tool that picks up and erects random-sized cases, eliminating the need for multiple erectors, which saves floor space and costly changeover downtime.
  • TBS-100 FCXL Random Height and Width Case Sealer seals random-sized cases within a given range, accommodating several packaging lines. Perfect for limited floor space.
  • 7000r High Speed Pro Random Case Sealer is a reliable 3M-Matic™ case sealing solution that can handle up to 28 different case sizes per minute. The 3M™ AccuGlide™ 4 Taping Head offers low-impact sealing to protect cases during the sealing process, while taping at up to 150 feet per minute.

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