Install and Start Up Procedures

For optimum performance and safety, all operators of Combi equipment should be fully trained to safely operate machines at maximum efficiency, perform quick changeover sequences and perform troubleshooting techniques. For a schedule of our technical training, click here.


To insure a successful start up of your equipment, we'd like to walk you through the initial steps of receiving and setting up your new Combi packaging machine.  You can find a flyer in your CombiCares kit or click here.


Our Machinery Maintenance Manuals are machine specific and provide illustrated information about set-up procedures, troubleshooting, drawings, bill of materials and PLC programming. To order a replacement manual, please contact the Combi Manuals department with your machine serial number.

Combi manuals can be accessed at


We have video taped proper set up procedures for several types of Combi equipment. PLEASE NOTE: These are general in nature and because we build custom equipment, may not apply to a viewers' own equipment. Consult the procedures manual included with the delivery of your machine for exact operating instructions.

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Need more help with your set up? Fill out this form or call us at 1.800.521.9072.