Combi New Machine Installation

We know you have put a lot of thought into the purchase of your new Combi machine and are anxious to realize a return on your investment. To help insure a successful start up of your equipment, let us walk you through the initial steps of receiving and setting up your new Combi packaging machine.

1. Receiving and Unloading


It's important to lift the machine frame in the areas indicated by LIFT HERE stickers. Once unloaded, remove and discard packaging, including cutting and removing all tie wraps on external and internal machine components. INSPECT the machine for any shipping damage. Immediately report any damage to the freight carrier and the Combi Service Department.

2. Connect Utilities

Using a forklift truck, situate the machine into your packaging line as indicated on the approval drawing in Section 5 of the machine manual. Connect electric supply per voltage stated on machine serial number tag. Connect air supply using 80 psi 3/4" supply line. We recommend you do not use quick disconnect fittings.

3. Turn On

Verify the voltage prior to starting conveyors. Using the operator interface, press Screen Select, press Manual Operation and then press Conveyors Start buttons. Check the rotation of the conveyor. If it's running backwards STOP. Contact an electrician to change the motor direction. If the conveyor is moving forward, proceed with start up procedures in your manual.

Our service department is always available to provide assistance with machine start up. Contact them with any questions or needs.

Combi Service 866-472-5236 or after hours at 330-327-5667