Hand Packing Machines

With a Combi hand packing station, you can increase your productivity up to 30 percent over manual hand packing.

Hand packing stations feature adjustable legs and components, putting your products in easy reach. Ergonomic packing operations reduce physical stressors associated with manual hand packing, which can result in lower worker’s compensation costs and increased profits from greater productivity.

A Combi semi-automatic, ergonomic hand packing machine can form, pack and seal while minimizing repetitive motions.

Ergopack Two Man Pack

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Hand Packing Machines

Sanitary Ergopack® Hand Packing Station

The Sanitary Ergopack® system, first in the industry, helps food manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers meet the highest levels of hygiene and safety in their production facilitie...
View Sanitary Ergopack® Hand Packing Station

Hand Packing Station – Ergopack®

The innovative Combi Ergopack® has raised the standard for handpacking productivity. Efficient and durable, the packing station Ergopack® combines a case erector, a hand pack station, an...
View Hand Packing Station – Ergopack®

Hand Packing Station – Ergomatic

Semi Automatic
Combi introduces an affordable hand packing station solution for companies that require more throughput than manual case erecting, packing and sealing can provide. This integrated packagi...
View Hand Packing Station – Ergomatic

High Speed Hand Packing Station - Ergopack®

The productivity of the innovative Combi Ergopack® has been raised with the addition of our side-belt driven, high speed case erectors. Now an even larger variety of product sizes, shapes...

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Improve your business' productivity and bottom line with an ergonomic, semi-automatic Combi hand packing station. Our new and used hand packing stations and case formers increase your throughput while reducing stress related injuries from manual processes.  And in most cases provide fast paybacks!