Robotic Packaging

Combi is a leader in robotic packaging. As a FANUC Authorized System Integrator, Combi has the expertise to design robotic applications that can take production to the next level.

At Combi, we offer robotic pick and place packing stations, robotic palletizers and robotic random case erectors with the ability to customize and change out recipes.

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We want to be your packaging solutions partner. To talk to us about custom robotic packaging, request a quote or call 1-800-521-9072.


Robotic Packaging

Ergobot | Robotic Pick and Place Packing Station

Increased global competition is driving leaner operating efficiency in today's manufacturing plants. To gain efficiencies, robots are being used more frequently in more and more plants fo...
View Ergobot | Robotic Pick and Place Packing Station

ErgoPakPal Robotic Case Packer and Palletizer

Downsize your case packing and palletizing areas with a compact Combi ErgoPakPal. With a robotic case packer and a robotic palletizer, this system increases productivity while using minim...
View ErgoPakPal Robotic Case Packer and Palletizer

EZ Pal Robotic Packaging

Introducing the EZ Pal Robotic Palletizer. The EZ Pal is a portable end-of-line palletizing solution that improves efficiency and frees up operators for other work thanks to its robotic p...
View EZ Pal Robotic Packaging

Random Case Erecting Solutions

Increased global competition is driving leaner operations in today's manufacturing facilities. To gain efficiencies, more companies are incorporating disruptive technologies, such as robo...
View Random Case Erecting Solutions

Benefits of Robotic Case Packing Solutions

Customers seek automated packaging solutions that will allow them to be faster and more competitive. Robotic packaging benefits include:

  • Higher level of precision and accuracy in packaging
  • Ability to meet increased demand for products
  • Easily handle a mix of products
  • Ensures accuracy and reduces workplace repetitive stress injuries

Increased production, coupled with less downtime and labor costs, makes robotic packaging a smart economical decision for many companies.

Robotic Packaging Leader

Our in-house team of electrical and mechanical engineers are developing processes and software that are unique in the packaging industry. This includes applications that are highly self-aware, making operation easier, even with random packaging needs. These solutions can be total integration or points along the end-of-line packaging process.  

Our experience, combined with our work with FANUC, one of the most recognized and respected robotic manufacturers, means we are able to handle a higher level of robotic integration challenges.

Research and Testing

Our facilities are built for research and development of customized robotic case packers. Our 155,000-square-foot corporate headquarters offers the space to handle product testing.

Our clients span many industries, including large, national accounts. For our national account clients, we can provide economies with systems that can be utilized at multiple locations.

If you’re interested in robotics to erect, pack and palletize, Combi is ready to work with you. Contact us today!