Robotic Palletizing Systems

Adding a robotic palletizer to your end-of-line packaging can improve efficiency and free up operators for other work. Robotic case palletizers, like the Combi EZ Pal, offer many benefits, all within a compact footprint.


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Robotic Palletizing Systems

EZ Pal Robotic Packaging

Introducing the EZ Pal Robotic Palletizer. The EZ Pal is a portable end-of-line palletizing solution that improves efficiency and frees up operators for other work thanks to its robotic p...
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Adding a robotic palletizer to your end-of-line packaging can improve efficiency and reduce repetitive injuries.

Robotic Palletizer Benefits

With a robotic palletizer, you can quickly stack products onto pallets for shipping. Palletizing robots precisely handle products of various sizes, switching easily from one size to another. The operator can simply select from recipe options that allow the equipment to handle different products.

The Combi EZ Pal seamlessly integrates with existing production lines. This portable palletizer can be transferred by forklift, making it a versatile solution. In addition to improving production rates, a palletizing robot also helps reduce repetitive injuries.

FANUC Robotic Palletizing Systems

Combi is FANUC Authorized System Integrator, which demonstrates our expertise in designing precise robotic applications that can help you take your productivity to the next level. The EZ Pal is an example of Combi packaging equipment that utilizes FANUC robots.