EZ Pal Robotic Packaging

EZ Pal Robotic Packaging

Introducing the EZ Pal Robotic Palletizer. The EZ Pal is a portable end-of-line palletizing solution that improves efficiency and frees up operators for other work thanks to its robotic palletizing capabilities.

Easily transferred by forklift to the end of any packaging line, the EZ Pal offers seamless integration with existing 3M and Combi case sealers, making it simple to add to an existing configuration.

Plus, the EZ Pal features a compact footprint while accommodating pallet sizes up to 48”x42”, making this a versatile robotic palletizing solution. Operators will also appreciate easy-to-read status indicator lights and the intuitive interface and controls.

EZ Pal is available in two models for max payloads of 16 and 60 lbs with EOAT.

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  • Robotic palletizing solution is easily moved by forklift to the end of any packing line
  • Can integrate with existing 3M or Combi case sealers
  • Compact footprint (114 x 93 x 100)
  • Min. case range (8”x6”x5”)
  • Max. case range (24”x16”x16”)
  • FANUC, integrated TP HMI controls
Specifications EZ PAL I (20) EZ PAL II (60)
Robot Fanuc M10iD/12  Fanuc M710iC/50 
Max Case Rate  12 cpm 12 cpm
Footprint 114x 93x 100 114x 93x 100