Tray Formers

Combi tray forming machines ensure square, stable loads with straight sides and properly applied glue for a consistent product. Integrating a tray former machine in your operations can ensure reliable results for increased productivity.

A Combi tray forming machine can form a wide variety of tray styles, including slotted trays, trays with lids, and other custom configurations. Tray forming machinery works at high speed using strong glue systems. The machine erects trays quickly and consistently, for great results every time.

Horizontal Tray Former

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Tray Formers

HTF Tray Former Series

Single And Two Stage
The Combi HTF fully automatic tray forming machine features heavy-duty welded steel construction and is ideal for high volume tray forming production. The HTF will form side slotted, end ...
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BCF Beverage Carrier Former

Single And Two Stage
Read 3 Reasons Why you Should Automate the end of your bottling line In 1979 Combi started as a machine rebuilder for area beverage and brewery businesses. Thirty five years later Combi ...
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TF 40G Tray Former

Improve efficiency. Increase productivity. You can do both with a Combi TF 40G high-speed tray forming machine. Tray Forming Power The TF 40G powers through up to 40 trays per minute, a...
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Tray Former Machine Series

Single And Two Stage
The TF tray former machine series is a perfect solution for forming and gluing die cut trays.  The TF tray former series is a simple, intelligent and very compact system that utilizes the...
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In Stock Equipment

Combi offers fully automatic new and used tray erectors for regular slotted trays, end slotted and design style trays, in various configurations.  Improve productivity over manual tray forming with a Combi fully automatic tray former.