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Case Erectors - Automated Packaging Equipment

RSC casesCase erectors are the core product in the Combi line when it comes to box erecting.  We are experienced building case erectors for extra small to extra tall cases with a wide range of speed capabilities.  The Combi box erector can also be integrated with Combi case loaders, providing ultra-compact systems for loading products into corrugated cases. There are a number of customized case erecting systems available to fit your needs.


  1. Automatic Case Changeovers Simplify user experience with Combi's optional automatic case changeover feature on our 2-EZ® series case erectors.… read more
  2. Hot Melt Case Erector Hot Melt Case Erectors For optimal durability, reliability and value, Combi's 2-EZ® HM, high speed 2-EZ® HS HM  and HCE HM case… read more
  3. Robotic Random Case Erector RCE Robotic Random Case Erector Increased global competition is driving leaner operations in today's manufacturing facilities.  To gain efficiencies,… read more
  4. 2-EZ® SB / 2-EZ®  SB Plus Case Erector Bottom Sealer 2-EZ® SB Case Erector Bottom Sealer Combi Packaging System's side belt drive case erecting machine form and bottom seal cases at speeds up to 15 cases per… read more
  5. 2-EZ® HS Case Erector Bottom Sealer 2-EZ® HS Case Erector Bottom Sealer The Combi Packaging System side belt-drive case erector can form and bottom seal cases at speeds up to 30 cases per… read more
  6. Rotary Squaring Arm Ambidextrous 2-EZ HS Case Erector Do you use a variety of corrugated cases with different print orientation?  Is your production area cluttered with… read more
  7. 2-EZ® XL Series Case Erector for Large Cases 2-EZ® XL Series Case Erector for Large Cases The 2-EZ® XL series case erecting equipment is a no-compromise solution for erecting and bottom sealing large… read more
  8. CE-10 Case Erector Bottom Case Sealer CE-10 Case Erector Bottom Case Sealer Instant Productivity The Combi CE-10 is an automatic carton sealer system that erects and bottom seals corrugated… read more
  9. Combi Case Erectors E-Series Case Erector The Combi E-series case erectors are the foundation of Combi case packing systems and the key to our packaging equipment… read more
  10. HCE High Speed Case Erector HCE High Speed Case Erector As a specialist in the case erector industry, Combi is constantly incorporating new technology into our impressive… read more
  11. Surplus Case Erectors Surplus Case Erectors Our new and used case erectors/bottom tapers are available in a wide variety of speeds and tape or hot… read more

Standard Case Erector Features:

  • Right or left hand execution
  • Fast tool-less set up
  • Crank adjustments with digital readout for fast changeovers
  • Lifetime warranty on heavy duty, welded frames
  • Safety interlocks
  • Easy load case magazines
  • Self-cleaning vacuum systems
  • Soft start pneumatics
  • Allen Bradley PLC controls

Case Studies Using Case Erectors:

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