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Industrial Packaging Case Sealers

Combi manufactures quality case sealers for the widest range of packaging equipment industries and applications including:

  • Standard RSC cases in every size
  • Boxes with overlapping or sequentially folded flaps
  • Tuck-folded flaps
  • L-clips and special display cases
  • Sanitary design for easy washdown

There is sure to be a Combi case sealer to fit your application.

  1. TBS-100 FC case sealer TBS-100 FC Case Sealer The reliable TBS-100 FC case sealer is a heavy duty solution for a wide range of case sealing applications. The welded… read more
  2. Random Height Case Sealer TBS-100 FCXL Random Height Case Sealer Seal Four Different Heights of Cases Randomly on Just one Combi Case Sealer The TBS-100 FCXL Random Height case sealer… read more
  3. Sanitary TBS Washdown Sealers for the meat and poultry industries Sanitary Design TBS Case Sealers Consumers are taking an unprecedented interest in the way  foods are produced a nd are increasingly calling for… read more
  4. Box taped by TBS 100 H sealer TBS H Sealer When you require added security to your filled corrugated cases or need to seal out food contaminants, Combi offers a… read more
  5. TBS-100 SA Case Sealer TBS-100 SA Case Sealer Need a stand alone case sealer to boost productivity in your packaging line?  Combi's TBS-100 SA case sealer is… read more
  6. RS2000 & RS3000 Random Sealers RS3000 Random Sealers   Built for speed and flexibility, our RS3000 random case sealers are ideal for high volume lines… read more
  7. 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers are consistent and durable, require low maintenance and help your case sealing… read more
  8. Hot Melt Case Sealers Hot Melt Case Sealers If your cases need a stronger bond than adhesive tape can provide, Combi's TBS hot melt glue case sealers can provide the… read more
  9. Surplus Case Sealers Surplus Case Sealers At Combi, we realize the importance of sealing a case securely.   Our new and used case sealers can tape… read more

Case Sealer Options Include:

  • Water washdown packages and stainless steel framework
  • Low tape / no tape detection
  • L-clip case sealing
  • Special and oversized applications
  • Semi-automatic case sealers

Case Studies Using Case Sealers:

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