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Industrial Case Packaging Equipment

Combi offers case packing solutions for top-load, side-load, drop packing configurations. You will find our entire product line of casepackers below.industrial case packaging equipment

Features of our Case Packers & Case Loaders:

  • Wide range of footprints and infeed configurations available
  • Seamless integration with combi erectors and sealers
  • Simple change parts and crank adjustments for quick changeovers
  • Heavy duty welded framework
  • Safety interlocked guarding
  • Easy load walk-in magazine
  • Self-cleaning vacuum systems
  • Intelligent PLC controls

Combi's case packing systems are used by a wide range of industries.  View a full list of our industries served.

  1. Drop Packers Drop Packers Combi's expertise in top load case packing goes back to the earliest days of the company. As an industry leader in drop… read more
  2. Pick and Place Case Packing Pick and Place Case Packers Combi builds compact pick and place packing solutions for a wide range of products packed in multiple layers. The… read more
  3. Horizontal Case Loader Horizontal Case Loaders The HL is available in several configurations for packing products that load more effectively in the horizontal position,… read more
  4. Robotic Case Packing Ergopack Robotic Case Packing Station Combi Packaging offers robotic case packing as an option for your customized end of line packaging system. Increase the… read more
  5. robotic packing arm Ergopack Robotic Packing Arm Convert your semi-automatic  Ergopack Hand Packing Station  into a fully automated robotic sy stem with Combi. read more
  6. Surplus Case Packers Surplus Case Packers Here at Combi, we want you to leave the automation to us! Our surplus case packers handle products in a variety of ways… read more

Case Studies Using Industrial Case Packaging Equipment:

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