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Is the leading US manufacturer of custom end of line packaging equipment.

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Robotic Packaging

Combi Packaging offers robotics as an option for your customized end of line packaging system. Increase the efficiency and uptime of your operations with robotic packaging equipment.

Our robotic packaging equipment can be used by a wide range of industries.  View a full list of industries served.


  1. Robotic Case Packing Ergopack Robotic Packing Station read more
  2. Ergopack Robotic Packing Arm read more
  3. Robotic Random Case Erector Robotic Random Case Erector read more
  4. Automated Palletizing and Case Packing ErgoPakPal Palletizing System Downsize your case packing and palletizing areas with a compact Combi robotic case packer and palletizing system.… read more