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In Stock Surplus Packaging Equipment

New and used surplus packaging equipment inventory available for immediate delivery and savings (end user must supply test samples prior to delivery).   Our supply of new and used packing equipment is always turning, so equipment is available on a first come, first served basis.  Contact Combi Packaging Systems sales department at 1-800-521-9072 for new and used equipment pricing and specifications.

  1. Surplus Case Erectors Surplus Case Erectors If you need to erect flat cases, Combi’s surplus case erectors are some of the best options around!  Our new… read more
  2. Surplus Case Sealers Surplus Case Sealers At Combi, we realize the importance of sealing a case securely.   Our new and used case sealers can tape… read more
  3. Surplus Tray Erectors Surplus Tray Formers Combi offers fully automatic new and used tray erectors for regular slotted trays, in various forms and figures. We take… read more
  4. Surplus Case Packers Surplus Case Packers Here at Combi, we want you to leave the automation to us! Our surplus case packers handle products in a variety of ways… read more
  5. Surplus Hand Packing Stations Surplus Hand Packing Stations Improve your business' productivity and bottom line with an ergonomic, semi-automatic Combi hand packing station.… read more