2-EZ® SB Side Belt Drive Case Erector with Bottom Case Sealer

2-EZ SB Case Erector

2-EZ SB Case Erector

Combi Packaging System's side belt drive case erecting machine form and bottom seal cases at speeds up to 15 cases per minute. Combi's new product offerings are a response to our customers' need for faster speeds. This case sealing machine is built with the same optimal durability, reliability and value the 2-EZ® family of case erectors has provided over the years. Our case sealing machine is engineered with the industry's strongest frame (lifetime warranty) for the most demanding 3-shift environments, the 2-EZ®SB can readily integrate into your existing line.Combi's EZ-load walk-in case magazine and 3-minute "No Tool" changeover system are standard features.The 2-EZ® side belt drive units are designed for years of dependable service and can form and seal the widest variety of cases, from single wall to triple wall corrugated.

  • Up to 15 cases per minute (case length dependent)
  • EZ Load Walk-In Case Magazine
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • 3M Accuglide II™ 2" tape head
  • Pneumatic Carriage Assembly
  • AB Panelview 400 OIT provides production & diagnostic feedback
  • Dual Belt Drive Case Indexing
  • Self-Cleaning vacuum system
  • Safety Back Up Photo Eye with 20' Cord
  • Right Hand or Left Hand Execution

2-EZ®SB Designed to perform:

The flat case blank stands vertically in the easy to load, walk-in magazine. The case blank is extracted from the magazine with vacuum cups and formed by a retracting squaring arm. The leading minor flap is folded using a pneumatic flap folding mechanism. The major flaps are folded up using a rotary actuator powered flap folding mechanism. The case istransferred into the dual belt drives where it is transported across the tape head and is bottom sealed with a 2" wide strip of pressure sensitive tape.


  • Heavy Duty Locking Casters
  • Low Case Supply Alarm 
  • Low Tape/No Tape Alarm Kit
  • 3" and 6" Wide Tape Heads
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Over-sized Case Modification
  • Stainless Steel Framework
  • NEMA 4 Water Wash Down
  • Power Magazine

Electrical Service:

2-EZ®SB 115 volt / 1ph / 20A

Model Case Size Min
(L x W x H)
Case Size Max
(L x W x H)
Overall System
Footprint (approx.)
2-EZ® SB 8" x 6" x 5"
24" x 16" x 18"
below 8'4" x 8'4"
    8-20" length
20-24" length
15 cpm
12 cpm


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