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When is it Time to Add Automated Packaging to Your End-of-Line Packaging Operation?

Successful manufacturers, of any size, face growing pains when production begins to exceed their manpower and facility capabilities.  This can happen during seasonal surges or gradually as a business becomes more successful.   Valuable manpower is needed to keep a steady supply of erected, corrugated cases formed, taped and packed.  They can be stacked from floor to ceiling and can overflow into aisles waiting to be filled.  Run out of erected cases and production comes to a screaming halt,  shipping goals aren’t met, and revenue is affected.Production Bottleneck

When your facility begins to sound and looks like this, it’s time to start asking yourself if it’s time to invest in end-of-line packaging machinery.

Finding the dollars to invest in capital equipment is never easy, no matter how badly your operation warrants it.  Some qualifying indicators that may be present and the costs associated with these “pain points” should be considered when determining the return on investing in automated packaging:

Once the decision has been made to purchase end-of-line packaging machinery, choose an OEM to fit your needs and corporate culture.  Some things to consider when choosing a supplier:

To stay competitive and maximize profits, you can optimize workplace performance by incorporating semi-automatic or automatic packaging equipment into your business operation.   Improvements and efficiencies in the workflow process will directly impact your bottom line.

                                                                                                     Sue Lewis, Combi Packaging Systems LLC