Combi Helps Heat Up Packing Operations For A Leading Chafing Fuel Manufacturer

The Client / Product

With an array of professional products and innovative solutions, this chafing fuel manufacturer is a worldwide leader in providing premium heating solutions to the foodservice industry.

The Challenge

For this manufacturer, remaining competitive means constantly searching for ways to increase productivity and quality while reducing production costs. This same drive for efficiency is seen in all stages of their raw material production and manufacturing operations. Packaging solutions must serve these overarching goals as well.

Prior to bringing in Combi Packaging, they dealt with an older Hartness drop packer that simply could not keep up with their production demands. These pressures initiated a search to find packaging equipment that would help them outpace the competition.

The plant manager said he knew Combi had a well-established reputation of quality. This was quickly reinforced when the teams met at an industry trade show.

“I’ve been in the business a long time, 35 years to be exact. So, it’s fair to say I’ve seen just about every solution out there,” he said. “However, once we witnessed Combi’s build-quality and production speeds first-hand, we knew they could really help us improve our packaging processes.”

To meet their unique needs, a solution required expert customization. The force of a traditional vacuum pickup method would remove the lid of their chafing can, ruining the product and causing the flammable material to be introduced into the production environment.

The Solution

The Combi team of engineers customized a place packer with magnetic pickups to handle these very specific production considerations. The plant manager was impressed with Combi’s commitment to the solution.

“They exceeded our expectations from day one. When we visited their facilities, we witnessed a truly all-hands-on-deck approach to getting our equipment customized,” he said.

This case packing system for cans is anchored by the Combi Model SPP Dual-Head Servo Place Packer and can run at speeds up to 750 cans per minute. After they purchased this system in 2009, it was up and running at full production speeds in less than 10 days. Their plant manager added, “Anyone who has purchased packaging equipment before knows that type of turnaround is truly exceptional.”

The Result

  • Increased production speeds
  • Lowered production costs
  • Improved quality

The impact on their production operations has been three-fold. “We’re able to run our packaging line with two people now. This same process took nine people before.” The plant manager went on to say, “Not only have we drastically reduced input costs, we’ve increased our efficiency. Basically, we can package 66% more product while using less than a quarter of the labor.”

Additionally, they have observed an improvement in quality as well. Other packaging equipment relies on photoelectronic sensors to provide quality assurance, however, there are limitations to that technology. The packaging solution supplied by Combi ensures quality by weighing each carton instead. An incorrectly packed carton will cause the line to shut down, guaranteeing the right piece count always leaves their facility.

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