How Can Combi Improve Craft Brewers' Throughput?


The craft brewing industry is exploding in growth - no surprise here since most of us like a cold beer occasionally!   As of November 2014, the Brewers Association said that the U.S. passed the mark of 3,200 brewers, with licenses for brewers being even higher. With an 18% growth in volume, these statistics are not something that you can ignore.  

Since 1979, Combi Packaging Systems LLC has been actively working to develop affordable and customized packaging equipment. Recognizing the growth craft brewers are experiencing and the bottlenecks bottling and packaging their product creates, we are actively designing new equipment to increase your throughput.  Now you no longer have to manually form four and six pack carriers.  Our Beverage Carrier Former takes your flat carriers and automatically forms them for packing. The Beverage Carrier Former’s inline and compact design utilizes a mechanically linked carrier pick-up and transport mechanism for precise placement throughout the forming cycle. Watch this beer bottling line video to see our Beverage Carrier Former in action!

As your business and budget grows, our Beverage Carrier Former integrates seamlessly with any of our case packers. We can handle virtually any size container with modular packing heads for flexibility and quick changeovers. 

If you have a question about what we can do for your company or how we can customize a machine to fit your needs, request a quote.

Coming in the Fall of 2015 - a new Carrier Former, Carrier Packer, Case Erector - 3 functions - 1 compact machine designed for craft brewers - Watch for upcoming news