How Do You Prove ROI for Packaging Machines?


When you are considering investing in a packaging machine, one aspect that is important to consider is the ROI. Think about whether this machine going to make sense for you financially in the long-term. The first step to figuring this out might be for you to calculate activity-based costing. This method considers the associated costs of products, services, projects, tasks, or acquisitions based on any activities put into them and any resources they consume.

By considering both direct and indirect costs, you can get a more accurate idea of what your savings will be by automating your packaging line. For instance, you might take into account the labor cost of multiple workers with benefits and workers compensation compared to the cost of a case erector over the years.

Another aspect to look at is the type of machine you will purchase to see if it maximizes efficiency. PharmTech mentions how it’s important to look for quick-changeover features that help deliver flexibility and maximize the return on investment. Combi Packaging LLC prides itself on having that flexibility and quick-changeover capabilities. We have washdown equipment that is easy and simple to take apart so that there is not a lot of wasted time surrounding cleaning your machines between different types of products. Packaging lines that are able to handle different products, product counts, and case sizes help increase efficiency and therefore your ROI.

With an increase in efficiency and lower change-over times for parts, a Combi Packaging machine is guaranteed to get you a positive ROI! If your looking to learn more about increasing your ROI with packaging machinery, request a quote.