TBS-100 FC Automatic Case Sealer

The reliable TBS-100 FC case sealer is a heavy duty solution for a wide range of case sealing applications. The welded tubular steel frame fits a wide range of applications and can be integrated with many Combi systems. This sealing machinery features extra heavy duty construction and oversized motors and drive components. The TBS-100 FC is a modular system that is adaptable to many applications including top and / or bottom sealing, and many flap folding configurations. Available with tape or hot melt glue.  Combi flap folding case sealer features:
* Seamless controls integrated with case loaders or erectors
* Heavy duty welded tubular steel construction
* Safety-interlocked guarding
* Dual over-sized motors
* High-speed operation up to 55 cases per minute
* No-tool crank adjustments for changeovers
* Automatic indexing
* Four flap folding
* 3M Accuglide™ tapeheads
* Available in top and/or bottom only models