• Why is 3M making this change? To maintain and improve our service to customers, 3M will be moving Packaging Spare Parts to Combi Packaging Systems of North Canton OH. As a joint venture of 3M, Combi has experience in the packaging industry and with 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers. A single location for replacement parts and stocked equipment should improve customer service and provide service records and maintenance. Combi will be the Official Provider of Replacement Parts for 3M Packaging Equipment and Spare Parts for Industrial Scotch and Tartan Branded Dispensers.
  • When will this change occur? Effective April 3, 2017, Combi will be become the single source for all spare parts for all 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers and dispensers.
  • What changes will there be to prices? There will be no change to list prices.
  • What about delivery? For years, 3M has delivered over 95% of parts on time and the expectation is that Combi will meet or even exceed this metric. Combi will continue to maintain parts in-stock and ready to ship. As well, many parts will remain as make-to-order as they are today.
  • Can I expect the same quality?   These parts will continue to be made to 3M specification but will be branded and sold by Combi.  These are the same high quality OEM parts as 3M is providing today.  Additionally, part identification will remain the same for easy cross reference.
  • How do I place my order with Combi beginning April 3, 2017?   Combi will accept orders through EDI, telephone, email and FAX 1-877-847-5883.  The contact number will remain the same 1-800-344-9883. Credit card payments will be accepted.