Packaging Equipment Case Study: Pack Four Sizes of Egg Cartons

The Client / Product

Egg Carton Packaging

  • 4 Standardized-Size Cases
  • Holding 5, 15, 24 & 30 Dozen Egg Cartons
  • Ranging in Size from 12x12x5" to 24x12x14"

The Challenge

New egg sorting equipment produces eggs at much faster speeds, which creates the need for high speed egg carton packaging equipment.

The Solution

  • TBS-100FC XL Top and Bottom Case Sealer with high speed belt drive and high speed tape heads at 20 cpm.
  • The egg carton packaging equipment was modified for 4 case sizes, randomly fed into case sealer machine, with case height and automatic case length sensing.
  • Case infeed metering gate accepts cases feeding into sealer machine back to back and feeds them one-at-a-time into the case sealer.
  • Photo eyes sense case height and an Allen Bradley PLC with servo driven height adjustment sets the tape head height.  Also included are automatic case length sensors (for flap kicker).  All cases are 12" wide.
  • The dual spring loaded side belt drives transfer the cases over the tapeheads providing square cases every time.  The spring loaded belts allow for small variances in the case width.
  • Fully guarded egg packaging equipment with hinged access doors include electrical interlocks that disconnect power and air for operator safety.
  • Live roller case infeed conveyor at 65 fpm.

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Random TBS-100 FC XL Egg Case Sealer