Case Erector Reaches 4.1 Million Cycles

The Client / Product

  • 2-EZ®XL Case Erector
  • Power Magazine with 3M Accuglide™ 3" tapehead
  • Case height modification

The Environment

Medical equipment manufacturer located in the Southeast

Good As New - Regular Maintenance And Quality Equipment

  • Machine currently in production for 18 months
  • Runs 9 different case sizes up to 10 cases per minute
  • Recent inspection revealed machine is still using the original side belts and vacuum cups. Also, all cylinders and bearings are performing exceptionally well.
  • Control panel revealed a Total Cycle Count of 4,130,401 cases!

Combi produces dependable end of line packaging machines that stand the test of time.  With a little TLC and regular maintenance you too can form and erect millions of cases.  Ready to put Combi equipment to work for you?  Fill out this form.