Combi partners with large manufacturers to handle local, national and global packaging requirements.

New Packaging Solutions – Fast

Whether you need a line of case erectors or a fully integrated case packing system across many locations, Combi engineers can make it happen.

We offer robotics or other disruptive technology to increase throughput. In fact, we’re the only manufacturer that offers a fully customized end-of-line build for your facilities, products and machines. Our custom solutions have helped some of our customers increase efficiency by over 500 percent.

Experience with Large-Scale Operation

Our familiarity with national accounts means we’re ready to handle all of the due diligence required.

Combi is a Machine Builder Partner with the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ program that links global manufacturers to a collaborative network of companies who focus on developing, implementing and supporting automation solutions. Through this partnership, we help streamline your supply chain, simplify product implementation and attain the best ROI for automation.



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