Combi is a worldwide provider of end-of-line packaging solutions, which we engineer and manufacture. Our packaging machines including case erectors, tray formers, case sealers, case packers, hand packing and robotic packaging systems. Learn more about Combi here.

Q: What is a case erector machine?

A: A case erector machine is a type of automatic packaging equipment that efficiently and consistently erects boxes. A case erector provides increased production and labor savings. Combi case erectors provide easy changeovers while allowing you to increase your cases per minute with a range of speed capabilities. Combi offers automatic case erectors, semi-automatic case erectors and manual hand packing stations. See our video library for video representation of case erectors.

Q: What is a case packer?

A: A case packer helps improve productivity in end-of-the-line packaging operations by packing products consistently and efficiency. Combi offers a full line of case packers, including drop packers, pick and place packers, horizontal case loaders and semi-automatic packing machines. See our video library for video representation of a variety of pick-and-place packers.

Q: What is a case sealer?

A: A case sealer machine ensures products are secure using either tape or hot-melt glue. Combi case sealers integrate with our case packers. A case sealer, or box sealer, can handle different types of flaps and are available in semi-automatic and automatic versions. Combi can help you find a custom tape sealer or hot-melt glue sealer to fit your needs. See our video library for video representation of case sealers.

Q: What is a tray former?

A: A tray forming machine ensures square, stable loads with straight sides and consistently applied glue. Combi can integrate a high-speed tray former in your end-of-line packaging operations to help you increase productivity when forming a wide variety of tray styles. See Combi tray erectors in action in our video library.

Q: What are the benefits of case erectors, case packers and other end-of-line packaging equipment?

A: End-of-line packaging equipment can make your operations run more efficiently, reduce labor costs and meet increased production. Combi customizes packaging machinery to fit your specific needs. We engineer and manufacture a wide range of industrial packaging systems including case erectors, tray formers, case sealers, case packers, robotic packaging systems and ergonomic hand-packing stations.

Q: What is robotic packaging?

A: Robotic packaging uses robotic technology to offer a higher level of precision and accuracy in end-of-line packaging systems. Robotic packaging benefits include the ability to meet increased demand for products, reduction of repetitive stress injuries, increased accuracy and the ability to easily handle a mix of products. See Combi robotic packaging in action, in our video library.

Combi is a robotic packaging leader. Our in-house team of electrical and mechanical engineers work with FANUC, one of the most recognized robotic manufacturers. We have the ability to meet a higher level of robotic integration challenges.

Q: What industries does Combi serve?

A: Combi designs, builds and ships customized packaging machinery for a broad range of industries, including egg and dairy, e-commerce, automotive and hardware, baking, beverage, chemical, household consumer and personal care, contract packaging, food, food service disposables, meat and poultry, nutraceutical, pet food and treats and pharmaceutical and medical supplies.

Q: Does Combi offer financing for packaging equipment?

A: Yes, Combi can suggest financing companies experienced in leasing packaging equipment. We also offer a rent-to-own program for packaging equipment. Call us at 800-521-9072 for more details about financing opportunities for Combi end-of-line packaging solutions.

Q: Do I need a RMA number to send a Combi part back?

A: If you need to send a packaging equipment part back, you should contact Combi customer service staff at 866-426-9470 for proper authorization.

Q: What number do I call for Combi technical support?

A: Please call service dispatch at 866-472-5236.  You will be assigned an incident number and the first available Combi technician will return your call.  This number is supported 7:30 am – 11:00 pm EST.

Q: How soon will my Combi manual arrive after I receive my packaging equipment?

A: Typically, most Combi packaging equipment manuals ship within a two-week time frame.

Q: What information should I have when I call for Combi technical support?

A: When you call Combi technical support, please provide your company name, Combi machine serial number, point of contact with phone number and a detailed description of the problem you are facing.

Q: What information do I need when I want to schedule a Combi service call?

A: When calling Combi for service call scheduling, please provide the company name, contact with phone number and a date when you would like service rendered.

Q: What is the re-stocking fee?

A: The typical restocking fee is 25%.

Q: What is Combi’s minimum order amount?

A: The minimum order amount is $25.00

Q: What is Combi’s  cut-off time for next-day air shipments?

A: Combi requires purchase orders be received by 3:30 PM EST for us to process the order by our 4:00 PM EST cutoff.

Q: Is there a toll free number for Combi parts?

A: Yes. Please call Combi toll-free at 866-426-9470 to request parts or parts information.

Q: Is the pricing I receive Combi’s list price?

A: All pricing for Combi parts is list price. Applicable discounting applies based on distributor status.

Q: I lost my Combi manual and need a replacement, how do I go about getting one?

A: Please call Combi at 800-521-9072, and ask to speak to the manuals coordinator.

Q: How much notice should I give when scheduling a Combi service call?

A: Combi schedules service on a first-come first-serve basis, so the more notice you can give the better. We do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q: How do I set up a direct account with Combi?

A: Direct accounts can be set up by sending in credit references and documentation showing bill-to and ship-to address. Please be aware that if you purchased your Combi equipment through a distributor, Combi is not authorized to set you up on direct account without direct approval from that distributor.

Q: Does Combi offer rebuilds for equipment?

A: Yes. Combi  can tailor rebuilds to meet your budget. Please call 800-521-9072 and ask to speak to someone in service for more details.

Q: Does Combi offer after-hours technical support?

A: Yes, Combi offers after-hours technical support from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST, M-F and 8:00AM to 11:00 EST on weekends.

Q: Do you have set-up guides?

A: Should an additional set-up guide be needed, please contact Combi customer service at 866-426-9470. Please have your Combi machine serial number available.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes, Combi accepts the three major forms of credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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