We know you live with daily challenges like production schedules, delivery timelines, and budget constraints.  Combi Packaging Systems LLC can provide peace of mind by helping to minimize expensive downtime by offering their Periodic Maintenance Program.  This scheduled maintenance program helps to maintain your packaging equipment in optimum operating condition while saving you money*.

Our periodic maintenance program includes machine inspection; functionality checks; safety checks; adjustments and recommended parts replacement, performed by one of our factory-trained Combi Service Technicians.  And while there, our technician will be available to provide additional training for your staff, if required.

Long term benefits to you?

  • Extended machine life
  • Discounted rates for travel, labor and parts
  • Service rates that are locked in during term of agreement
  • Improved system reliability
  • Decreased costly system downtime
  • Better spares inventory management

To enroll in Combi's Periodic Maintenance Program, contact Allysa Payne at (330) 458-2896, or download and fill out the Periodic Maintenance Contract below.

*The Combi Periodic Maintenance program is not intended to replace routine maintenance tasks nor does it imply to eliminate or prevent failures caused by normal operation; failures caused by unlikely events; or non-predictable acts of nature.