Reduce Expensive In-Field Service Calls*

No one knows the high cost of a down machine more than you.  With our improved ability to respond to critical situations without actually being on site, costly field service calls and the travel expenses associated with them are minimized.  Combi can provide quality technical support in real time including:

  • Perform troubleshooting diagnostics and monitor the machine's state of operation
  • Collect data
  • Upload and download new programs

Easy to Use

Combi can provide dial-in connectivity through a remote access ethernet modem.  Your Combi machine will be equipped with the appropriate hardware and a built-in configuration utility which ensures a trouble free connection.  All you provide is an analog fax line to communicate through.

Lower Your Maintenance Budget Today

  • Easy and dynamic communication between machine users and Combi service technicians without experiencing costly service calls
  • Reduce costly machine downtime and the bottlenecks in your production it creates
  • Technical support available after regular business hours
  • Quick and easy to implement

Initial cost includes six, non-warranty dial-up service calls for 12 months.  Thereafter, remote support can be continued for a yearly subscription fee.

* Use of this service will not entirely eliminate the need for in-field service calls.

Fill out this form to request more information on our remote access maintenance or call us at 866-472-5236