Ergopack® | Sanitary Construction

Ergopack® | Sanitary Construction

The Sanitary Ergopack® system, first in the industry, helps food manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers meet the highest levels of hygiene and safety in their production facilities. Efficient and durable, the Sanitary Ergopack hand packing station combines a case erector, hand pack station and case sealer into a compact and cost-effective work cell featuring sanitary design principles. This ergonomically designed end of line industrial packaging machine features a hands-free indexing system that positions cases and product for optimal operator comfort, minimizing repetitive wrist and arm motions.

The Combi sanitary design minimizes potential areas where undesirable microorganisms might gather.

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Standard Features

  • Cleanable - Constructed to ensure that the equipment can be effectively and efficiently cleaned and sanitized over the lifetime of the equipment, including washdown pneumatic cylinders and valves
  • Open Design Construction - Stainless steel materials are corrosion resistant and compatible with cleaning and sanitizing chemicals
  • Accessible - Parts of the packing system are readily accessible and disassembled for inspection and cleaning without the use of tools.
  • Water Shedding Surfaces - Equipment covers are sloped and self-draining to assure that product, water or liquids do not accumulate or pool on the equipment surfaces.
  • No Hollow Areas - Hollow areas with penetrating rivets or fasteners are eliminated
  • No Niches - Equipment is free of niches and all welds are continuous and fully penetrating
  • Hygienic Maintenance Enclosures - Control panels are sloped or pitched and easily cleaned and sanitized
Model Ergopack® 10 Ergopack® 12 Ergopack® 15 Ergopack® 20 Ergopack® 25 Ergopack® 30

Min Case Range   (L x W x H)


8.5"x4.75"x4" 8"x6"x5" 8"x6"x5" 8"x6"x5" 8"x6"x5"
Max Case Range  (L x W x H) 24"x16"x18"  20"x13.5"x19" 24"x16"x18"  24"x16"x18"  24"x16"x18" 20"x13.5"x18" 
Max Speed* 10 CPM 12 CPM 15 CPM 20 CPM 25 CPM 30 CPM
Overall Footprint 13'6"x9'8"x5'7" 12'8"x9'x5'7" 15'2"x9'7"x5'7" 15'2"x9'9"xx5'7" 15'2"x9'9"x5'7" 15'2"x9'9"x5'7"