Packaging Machine Case Study: Load Cartons of Automotive Trim Masking Tape

The Client / Product

Automotive Trim Masking Tape

Case Size: 4" x 2" x 4"

The Challenge

Think outside the box!  There is more here than meets the eye.  Besides needing a way to load a 2" roll of tape into a carton, the client needs a solution that considers the operator, the work center and optimizes it's resources.

The Solution

  • The custom carton loader system features an integral "flip loader" for packing single rolls of tape into cartons in the vertical position.
  • Further modifications to Combi equipment were made to accommodate the client's chipboard "crash bottom" self-folding carton with tuck-flap top.
  • The discharge of the machine featured a pusher that collated the product into rows 3 cartons wide on an accumulation conveyor.  This reduced the amount of time an operator needs to be present to manually pack the cartons into a master case.
  • In addition, the lower system speed and work cell approach allows that operator to be utilized for multiple tasks.

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