Custom Packaging Case Study for Salad Dressing Containers

The Client / Product

1.5 oz Foil Pouches of Salad Dressing

The Challenge

A worker manually erected and bottom sealed a case while at the same time visually counted rows of salad dressing pouches coming out of the vertical form, fill and seal machine before falling into an open case.  When the case became full with desired count, he switched out the full case with an empty one, and quickly erected a new case while attempting to keep a new count.

The Solution

  • Salad dressing packets come out of a vertical form, fill and seal machine, configured in two rows of six packets, onto a belt conveyor.
  • Packets transfer onto a trough conveyor which reconfigures their orientation and deposits them onto a second belt conveyor.  Salad dressing packets pass under photo sensors that verify product count.
  • The pull nose belt conveyor extends and retracts - dropping product onto a bombay door, which releases product into waiting case.
  • The filled case travels to a compression station before entering a TBS-100FC for sealing.
  • This custom salad dressing packaging solution has resulted in multiple machine orders.

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