Packaging Equipment Case Study: Pack Three Different Sizes of Frozen Fruit Cups

The Client / Product

Frozen Fruit Cups, 3 sizes, packed in 4 pack patterns, with chipboard sheets inserted between layers

The Challenge

Small, difficult to handle frozen fruit cups were being hand-packed after arriving to the four operators from a spiral freezer.  The operators were erecting cases by hand, placing chipboard sheets between the layers of the frozen fruit cups, and then sealing the cases.

The Solution


  • Combi provided an integrated system to automate the case erecting, case packing and sealing processes.
  • The frozen fruit cups were placed into lanes and indexed to the place packer, where the fruit cup packaging equipment packed two cases at a time.
  • Multifeeder sheet inserters were integrated with the fruit cup packer to place chipboard sheets between each layer of product.
  • The fruit cup packaging equipment featured stainless steel washdown framework and conveyors.  The system also featured washdown electrical components.


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