Packaging Equipment Case Study: Pack Three Different Cases of Consumer Appliances

The Client / Product

Consumer appliances in three different large cases

The Challenge

Provide the client with higher production speeds with auto-flap folding and a better looking finished product while accommodating their large heavy case sizes.

The Solution

  • Automate the flap folding process and apply a 6" tape to seal the cases.  This appliance packaging equipment nearly doubles production speed from 4-5 cases per minute to 6-8 cases per minute.
  • Install the new Combi TBS-500 appliance packaging machinery.  Heavy-duty construction, including 2" x 3" welded tubular steel framework, handles the rigorous demands of large cases.  Attention to detail and finishing leads to a strong presentation of the client's brand.
  • Turn project around to meet client's critical deadlines.  Client begins to realize production efficiencies immediately and sends a better looking package to market.

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