Wine Manufacturer Uses Robotic Case Erectors to Dramatically Decrease Time and Labor


The client is a third-party logistics provider based in Columbus, Ohio, who packages and distributes products for a wholesale wine import company.


The client’s end-of-line process for packaging wine was very labor intensive. They were looking for an efficient solution for handling a variety of case sizes and packaging materials.


Combi can integrate FANUC robots into packaging lines to erect different size cases, insert pamphlets and void-fill products, and pack, seal and label cases.


By switching to a robotic system provided by Combi, the client significantly decreased labor and increased production. The wine producer knows the cases, pulp inserts and case dividers will be properly handled, every single time.

The new robotic packaging system includes three robots, a pulp insert dispenser, a case divider dispenser, a pamphlet dispenser and two labeling machines. On average, it assembles 10 cases per minute.

The new custom-designed robotic system:

  • Begins with on-demand forming of one of four case sizes.
  • Bottom seals the case with adhesive tape.
  • Advances the case to a station where POD brochures are hot-melt glued to the inside major flaps.
  • Advances the erected case two more times, so a robot can insert the appropriate size pulp liner and case divider.
  • Labels the bottle-ready case on both major flaps before advancing to a manual bottle-packing area.

Combi can customize an RCE Robotic Random Case Erector to your needs and help reduce the need for multiple erectors. This packaging machinery features a smaller footprint and will reduce costly downtime for changeovers on multiple case erectors.

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