Automated Packaging Case Study: Simultaneously Pack Three Different Bags of Nuts and Bolts

The Client / Product

Bags of Hardware; 8x10", 3x6"x 7½x7½"

The Challenge

Automate case packing and check weighing of three lines of bagged nuts and bolts that takes 15 people to accomplish

The Solution

  • 3 powered product infeed conveyors feed into Bombay-style case packers.
  • A high-speed packing product conveyor separates product before feeding a counting funnel.
  • The Bombay "door" is positioned below the counting funnel receiving product to  full case count.  The packer then receives a signal and drops product into the awaiting erected case which has been fed into the 3 case packers by a Combi  2-EZ® SB case erector.
  • Once filled, the case count is verified by a Checkweigher and each case receives a print and applied label pre-programmed with product info relative to that line.
  • Filled cases are indexed into a Combi TBS100FC top case sealer and sealed with adhesive tape.  Rate of production is 12 cases per minute.
  • Customer's productivity has increased 400%; staffing reduced (re-assigned) by 300%

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