Case Studies for Custom Automated Packaging Applications

From basic line case erectors to the most delicate applications requiring hand packing stations, browse our custom automated packaging case study library to read examples of how our dependable packing machinery can work for you.

Each application study starts with a product in need of packaging, a unique set of packaging requirements, and an explanation of the customized solution Combi provided.

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Recent Application Studies

2-EZ HS Case Erector Bottom Case Sealer

Global Packaging Supplier Finds Unique Solution with Combi Case Erector

THE CLIENT: The client is a global leader in corrugated packaging solutions for a multitude of shopping categories, with 50,000 team members and... read more

RCE Robotic Random Case Erector

Wine Manufacturer Uses Robotic Case Erectors to Dramatically Decrease Time and Labor

THE CLIENT: The client is a third-party logistics provider based in Columbus, Ohio, who packages and distributes products for a wholesale wine... read more

Combi 2EZ HS Ergopack

Combi Improves Ergonomics for Global Leader in the Frozen Bakery Industry

THE CLIENT: ARYZTA owns a global leadership position in the frozen bakery industry for food service, retail and the quick service restaurant sector.... read more

Combi DP/E2500 Drop Packer


THE CLIENT: Ready Foods is a leader in the prepared foods industry. Known for its kettle-cooked soups, sauces and fillings, it provides kitchens... read more

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Combi Packaging Machine


THE CLIENT: With an array of professional products and innovative solutions, this chafing fuel manufacturer is a worldwide leader in providing ... Read more
Random Case Sealer, Selladora de Cajas Aleatoria

Sealing Out the Competition

Product: TBS100-FC XL Random Top and Bottom Case SealerGuarding and Low Tape/No Tape The Challenge: Seal 6 different case sizes of varying ... Read more
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Case Erector Reaches 9.7 Million Cycles

Product: 2-EZ®SB Case Erector Small case modification 3M 2” NPH tapehead, 150 fpm The Challenge:  Erect 9 different ... Read more
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Case Erector Reaches 4.1 Million Cycles

Product: 2-EZ®XL Case Erector Power Magazine with 3M Accuglide™ 3" tapehead Case height ... Read more
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Case Erecting & Sealing Display Ready Boxes

  Product: There are currently 16 different sized RSC cases being used by client.  These boxes have strategically placed perforations ... Read more
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Packing Bottles of Shampoo

Product: Lotions and Shampoos;8, 16, 24 and 36 Ounce Bottles with Caps The Challenge: Customer was using Ergopack®hand packing stations ... Read more
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Packing Four Sizes of Egg Cartons

Product: Egg Carton Packaging 4 Standardized-Size Cases Holding 5, 15, 24 & 30 Dozen Egg Cartons Ranging in Size from 12x12x5" to ... Read more
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Sealing Paper Towel and Tissue Cases

Product: Paper Towels and Toilet Tissue The Case Packaging Challenge: Seal corrugated cases that exceeded our maximum case length and ... Read more
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Palletizing Roofing Materials

Product: 92 pound roll of roofing material The Packing Line Challenge: Manage a long, heavy roll of roofing material through the packing ... Read more
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Sealing Cartons of Cookies

Product:  Boxes of Cookies The Case Sealing Challenge: Seal cartons (not corrugated cases) that fell below our minimum case width size ... Read more
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Packaging Plug-in Air Fresheners

Product: Form, Fill and Seal plastic packs of plug-in air fresheners The High Speed Packaging Equipment Challenge: Automate 5 people hand packing ... Read more
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Packaging Cases of Foam Products

  Product: Bulk Foam Products in Large Cases The Bulk Case Erecting Challenge: Automate the difficult process of manually erecting and ... Read more
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Packing Soy-Based Meatless Foods

Product: Cartons of soy-based, meatless food products The Stainless Steel Case Packer Challenge: Combi uncovered a way to improve line ... Read more
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Packing Flammable Paint Cans

Product: Steel cans of paint with ears and bails Case Sizes: 13-3.8" x 13-1/8" x 7-3/4", 13-5/8" x 13-5/8" x 13-9/16" C Flue Double Wall RSC ... Read more
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Hand Packing Frozen Bags of Meat

Product: Bags of Meat Case Sizes: Various Sizes from 13" x 9-1/2" x 7-1/8" to 18-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 9-1/4" The Packaging Equipment Challenge: A ... Read more
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Salad Dressing Case Packing

  Product: 1.5 oz Foil Pouches of Salad Dressing The Custom Packaging Challenge: A worker manually erected and bottom sealed a case ... Read more
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Packing Bulk Bags of Nuts and Bolts

Product: Bags of Hardware; 8x10", 3x6"x 7½x7½" The Challenge: Automate case packing and check weighing of three lines of ... Read more
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Packing Irregular Shaped Electronic Parts

Product: Irregular Shaped Electronic Parts The Challenge: Multiple pieces of fragile, irregularly shaped satellite components must be cradled with ... Read more

Loading Cartons of Automotive Tape

Product: Automotive Trim Masking Tape Case Size: 4" x 2" x 4" The Custom Carton Loader Challenge: Think outside the box!  There is more ... Read more
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Loading Bags of Nested Paper Cups

Product: Bags of Nested Cups The Challenge: Automate customer's labor intensive process of manually packing sleeves of paper and plastic ... Read more
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Packing Different Sized Soil Bags

Product: Potting Soil in 4 qt, 8 qt and 10 qt plastic bags Case Sizes: 16x20x12", 16x12x15", 20x16x12" The Challenge: Save the backs and ... Read more
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Packing Bulk CDs and DVDs

  Product: CD/DVD Media in 10 and 20 packs, regular and slimline cases Case Size: 5.5 x 4.5 x 5.5" The Challenge: Find a way to ... Read more
Washdown Case Sealing, Selladora de Cajas Grado Sanitario

Washdown Case Sealing

Product: Frozen Dairy Products The Challenge: Poly carbonate was not allowed in this facility due to stress cracks and clouding.  The ... Read more
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Packing Explosive Materials

Product: F-Style Plastic and Steel Containers of Explosive and Hazardous Chemicals The Challenge: To provide an economical alternative to ... Read more

Seal Tall, Square Boxes of Pressure Tanks

Product: Tall, Square boxes for heavy gas filled pressure tanks The Challenge: Provide a double bottom seal when loading heavy product.  ... Read more

Sealing Cases of Bulk Spices and Flavorings

Product: Bulk Spices and Food Flavorings Case Size: 10 sizes ranging from 7.25x10.25x13.5 to 10.5x12.5x20" The Challenge: Solve the client's ... Read more
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Packing Cases of Consumer Appliances

Product: Consumer appliances in three different large cases The Challenge: Provide the client with higher production speeds with auto-flap ... Read more
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Packing Frozen Fruit Cups

Product: Frozen Fruit Cups, 3 sizes, packed in 4 pack patterns, with chipboard sheets inserted between layers The Challenge: Small, difficult to ... Read more
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Packing Corrugated Cartons of Meat

Product: Meat products packed inside tuck-fold corrugated cartons.  Carton sizes from 3¾x5¾x2-1/8" to 12x9-5/8x3-1/8" The ... Read more
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Automating Pharmaceutical Liquid Bottle Packing

Product: 2L and 6L plastic bottles of pharmaceutical liquids History of Customer's Application: This customer was manually erecting ... Read more