Recent Case Studies

Combi customizes equipment for nearly every system and application.
Here is a selection of our most recent custom solutions.

How the Flexibility of Left- and Right-Hand Configurations Improved Packaging Line Efficiency

Automation in their packaging line helped PLZ Corp be more productive, while increasing consistency and maintaining quality. Combi helped make that happen by providing the right solution at the right price point.

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Global packaging supplier finds unique solution with Combi case erector

The client is a global leader in corrugated packaging solutions for a multitude of shopping categories, with 50,000 team members and more than 320 facilities.

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Wine Manufacturer Uses Robotic Case Erectors to Dramatically Decrease Time and Labor

The client is a third-party logistics provider based in Columbus, Ohio, who packages and distributes products for a wholesale wine import company.

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Combi Improves Ergonomics for Global Leader in the Frozen Bakery Industry

ARYZTA owns a global leadership position in the frozen bakery industry for food service, retail and the quick service restaurant sector. With over 50 bakeries across five continents, the ARYZTA group has an impressive range of products and capabilities.

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Combi Provides Custom Equipment For A Flexible Product Line

Ready Foods is a leader in the prepared foods industry. Known for its kettle-cooked soups, sauces and fillings, it provides kitchens across the country with delicious heat-and-serve menu items. With multiple locations and more than 250 employees, Ready Foods is a company on the move.

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Packing Corrugated Cartons of Meat

Meat products packed inside tuck-fold corrugated cartons.  Carton sizes from 3¾x5¾x2-1/8" to 12x9-5/8x3-1/8"

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Combi Helps Heat Up Packing Operations For A Leading Chafing Fuel Manufacturer

With an array of professional products and innovative solutions, this chafing fuel manufacturer is a worldwide leader in providing premium heating solutions to the foodservice industry.

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Sealing Out the Competition

TBS100-FC XL Random Top and Bottom Case Sealer

Guarding and Low Tape/No Tape

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Case Erector Reaches 9.7 Million Cycles
  • 2-EZ®SB Case Erector
  • Small case modification
  • 3M 2” NPH tapehead, 150 fpm
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Case Erector Reaches 4.1 Million Cycles
  • 2-EZ®XL Case Erector
  • Power Magazine with 3M Accuglide™ 3" tapehead
  • Case height modification
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Erecting & Sealing Display Ready Boxes

There are currently 16 different sized RSC cases being used by client.  These boxes have strategically placed perforations that allow it to be easily split into two halves.  These two halves then become the shelf ready display trays for products.

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Faster Case Packing Speeds for Bottles of Shampoo & Body Wash

Lotions and Shampoos;8, 16, 24 and 36 Ounce Bottles with Caps

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Pack Four Sizes of Egg Cartons

Egg Carton Packaging

  • 4 Standardized-Size Cases
  • Holding 5, 15, 24 & 30 Dozen Egg Cartons
  • Ranging in Size from 12x12x5" to 24x12x14"
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